Andrew A. Makovsky III.


Dealer Compliance Services is a company created by Andrew A. Makovsky III. Andrew has extensive dealership and dealership consulting experience spanning over 30 years. He was an integral part in the creation and growth of largest strictly automotive compliance consulting company. When his previous company was sold, Andrew decided to take his vast knowledge of auto dealerships, dealer compliance consulting and started Dealer Compliance Services.

Andrew states

“14 years performing compliance services has taught me a lot about the ever changing needs of a dealership as it pertains to compliance.”

Instead of offering a cookie cutter program, DCS addresses the specific needs of each of its clients and custom tailors a plan to meet those needs.

Who are our clients?

The DCS client list includes some of the most conscientious and reputable dealers.

Our clients recognize that how they conduct business, and their reputation in the community, are such important parts of their long term strategy. They recognize that making the investment in their employees training and implementing proper procedures will also make them more profitable.

What is our objective?

The objective of Dealer Compliance Services is to create an environment within the dealership necessary to be able to wage an affirmative defense whether civil or governmental for:
DCS provides its clients with all the tools needed, including scheduled and unscheduled visits to perform ongoing auditing, testing, training, and documentation.
We assist you with the design and implementation of processes and procedures to conduct business in a compliant manner while still recognizing that dealership profit is the main objective.

What are our services?

DCS offers a host of services that can complement what you are currently doing or implement an entire Compliance Management System or CMS. DCS can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your dealership, its processes, procedures, and paperwork. Upon completion, DCS will provide the dealership with a summary report and then tailor a program based on the specific needs to be compliant.

Thorough Investigation

Training and Process Implementation

Proper Compliance

The extensive experience of our staff in all areas of dealership operations coupled with our strong regulatory compliance backgrounds positions DCS to be the absolute best option to handle all of your compliance concerns.


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DCS mission is to protect your dealership from aggressive Government regulators and lawsuits.

We offer a comprehensive and affordable compliance solution that will save you time and money. Peace of mind is priceless.

Dealer Compliance Services will create a compliance plan that works with your daily operations in each department. Your dealership’s custom solution will include ongoing Auditing, Testing, Training, and Documentation.

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