DCS has the ability to stand back from your dealership and assess any weakness or deficiency in your programs. We work with many dealerships to provide these services when they realize outsourcing makes more sense than spending the time and energy to stay informed and in compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. We specialize in this area, so you don’t have to.
No, DCS has worked to keep the pricing for its services affordable. Not working with an outside agency and having a problem can be extremely expensive with fines, penalties, damaged reputation, injuries to employees or customers, etc.
DCS specializes in dealerships from cars to boats to motorcycles, from small single point dealers to mega dealerships with numerous locations.
DCS has partnered with On Call Computer Solutions to assist with all electronic security needs. Twice a year an outside scan is run on our customers IP address that goes out to the internet to check for vulnerabilities to intrusion. We can also offer our customers an optional comprehensive internal scan that will tell them everything about their network from out of date software like virus protection to unsupported operating systems. This internal scan will tell you absolutely everything about your network.
DCS can perform an analysis to find the holes in what you are doing. Sometimes covering “almost” all the bases can increase the risk. The term “reckless indifference to the law” can triple the fines associated with the holes.
We can usually schedule the initial assessment within 2 weeks of receiving a contract.
These companies offer tools towards being compliant, but they do not get you fully compliant with all of the laws. DCS, during their analysis will look at the tools and processes you currently have in place and will let you know what is needed to fill the gaps.


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