OSHA regulations mandate that virtually every business have an emergency action plan. This regulation applies to car dealers as well. If you have employees working in an office or retail space of any kind, you need an emergency plan.

Many car dealers are poorly prepared for emergencies. In the daily grind of the car sales business, it can be easy to put emergency planning at the bottom of the to-do list. However, managers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees, and your business has a legal obligation to meet OSHA requirements.

What does an emergency action plan include? There are many factors to consider, both in the plan itself and in training and upkeep. A few points to consider for your OSHA emergency action plan should be:

These are just a few points to consider when creating an emergency action plan. OSHA’s regulations include many more specific points to consider, and making an emergency plan should be considered a serious requirement for any auto dealership.

Dealerships that do not respect OSHA’s guidelines and rules could find themselves facing fines and penalties. More importantly, poor preparation in the event of an emergency could lead to injury and even death.


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