Top 10 Auto Dealer Laws & Regulations

Automotive professionals and executives face a complex challenge in meeting the increasingly stringent auto dealer laws and regulations imposed by federal and state governments. There are a wide range of critical legal requirements dealers must understand and implement to avoid crippling penalties. Many auto dealerships may feel they don’t have the time, expertise, and manpower to implement these mandatory compliance procedures.

However, failing to comply with vital car dealer laws and regulations can be a costly mistake. Dealer Compliance Services specialize in helping auto dealerships enact compliance procedures and protect their dealerships from hefty fines and potentially even criminal penalties. Is your dealership fully compliant? Check out the top 10 most important automotive laws and regulations you need to be aware of.

Does your auto dealership comply with all of the above laws and regulations? Many dealerships have not met the required compliance standards, and may find themselves subject to heavy fines and other regulatory and legal problems as a result of non-compliance.

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